Speaking LIFE Over People

Give Your Audience Insight, Strategies and Active Inspiration For a Healthier, Less Stressed, More Joyful Life

Warm, eloquent and charismatic, Charlie Reid is a sought-after Health and Transformational Coach, a Neuropsychologist, Author and Menopausal Mentor for women, with a gift for connecting with people from all walks of life.


Holding auditoriums, intimate groups and one-on-one clients alike with presence and power, she “speaks life over people”, balancing scientific facts with motivating mindset language and an engaging, genuine and compassionate manner that invites her audience to step, with her, into their own greatness.



Women’s Health and Wellness – Becoming More of a Phenomenal Woman

The Magic in the Machine
Discover how menopause, Alzheimer’s disease, gut health and inflammation all affect women more than men – and get the inside scoop on how to restore strength, health, purpose and joy to the powerful machine that is a woman’s body, using nutrition, exercise, hormonal management, mindset and more.
Happy Gut, Happy Life
Learn how gut health is the key to reduced stress, balanced hormones, doubled energy and effortless weight loss, with tools to identify what’s right for your gut, so you can eat better, feel better and live better.
The Art of Becoming You
A crash course in how to rewire your brain and stop using willpower to fight against yourself, connecting to your own mind’s gifts to transform with grace and ease and become the best version of yourself.

Corporate Wellness – A Healthier, Less Stressed, More Productive Work Environment

Stress Management, Mindfulness, Energy
Chronic diseases linked to lifestyle, such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke, cost employers $127 billion each year* in lost workdays, low productivity, presenteeism, and health insurance costs. Discover how to help your employees avoid burnout and boost their energy through better health and mindset practices on the job.
Mastering Bias and Gender Hang-Ups in the Workplace
Learn to connect to your authentic power in order to step back and let go of hang-ups, the approval of others and your limiting beliefs – and become the best version of you.
*Source: The Milken Institute: An Unhealthy America: The Economic Burden of Chronic Disease- Charting a New Course to Save Lives and Increase Productivity and Economic Growth.

Charlie’s Story – A Personal Path to Power and Joy

Charlie’s life path was set to change as she met the challenge of managing a high-powered corporate career while struggling with early onset of menopause symptoms that hijacked her body, drained her energy and left her confused by conflicting information from medical and natural health sources.
Her path back to wellness came through various holistic and alternative practices. Using the power of food and nature, she restored and rebalanced her mind and body to full energy and vitality, eventually getting into the best shape and health of her life.
Now, as a strong, centered and joyful woman at the peak of her power, Charlie’s passion is to guide and equip others – especially women – to take ownership of their emotional, hormonal, and physical health. She is driven by reaching and teaching others to become their authentic, spiritual, beautiful and inspiring selves, so they can become transformed and impact those around them for positive change.

Genuine. Bold. Riveting.