Tired of riding the hormonal roller coaster and feeling like no one understands?

You Are Not Alone. Let me help you transcend menopause with grace, strength and vitality.

Yes, you can find joy in menopause

Menopause isn’t the enemy. Even through the changes — the emotional roller coaster, the hormonal fluctuations, the excess weight — menopause isn’t the bad guy in the closet. It’s a transition to be guided through … and a time to become the phenomenal woman you are at the core.

Build an extraordinary, joyful life

even through menopause!

You can be energized and vivacious,

even through change

Even if you’re tired, stressed, and not feeling your best, remember: The best is yet to come. Menopause, in all its magnitude, isn’t something to be feared. Going through this change doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you.


The reality is this is the best time for you to explore what the possibilities are for you to grow stronger and more in-tuned with yourself.

The time is here. Let’s talk about uncovering the even more Phenomenal Woman you’re meant to be.

Joyful Menopause Mastermind

Menopause impacts everyone differently — for some, it’s a simple nuisance. For others, it takes them out for the count.


With my Joyful Menopause Mastermind, join a community of Phenomenal Women in the same journey as you are to restore your body, reignite your mind and revitalize your spirit so that you can rule your health and live a balanced, confident life.

Becoming MORE: The Mastery Program

Maybe you need someone to help you through this transition hand-in-hand … especially if the changes you’re facing feel too great to overcome and you’re struggling to see the beauty in your metamorphosis.

Luckily, I’m here to help you reclaim your joy.

Fast track your progress by working with me one-on-one so that you can have a guide as you navigate the experience of menopause and emerge as the best possible you — ready to step into the most pleasurable and joy-filled time of your life?

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You can find joy in the transition

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