Most of us deal with menopause all wrong

I'm Charlie

I’m a neuropsychologist, a holistic health practitioner, and a transformational coach. I’m a published author, and a speaker at women’s groups and corporate training events.

And, for you, I’m a menopausal mentor – on a mission to help you, and many more like you, step into your true greatness in the prime of your life.

I’ve Been Where You Are

A few years ago I was stressed out, overweight, exhausted and frustrated. The combination of a high-powered corporate career and menopause was threatening to push me into burn-out. I felt like a stranger in my own body.


Seeking help, I found myself awash in confusing medical terminology and conflicting advice, unsure how to treat this phenomenon. Like a disease, to be eradicated? Like an inconvenience, to be ignored?


Thankfully, I found a great health coach, who helped me to eat right for my body type and lose weight with ease, skyrocket my energy and reset my hormones. My mindset shifted, and I saw how menopause could actually help propel me into becoming MORE than I had ever been before. More strong, happy, authentic, connected.


Phenomenal Woman

I was inspired.

I left my corporate job and re-trained as a certified health coach and NLP practitioner. I explored and researched every medical and natural treatment for menopause that I could find. Having previously trained as a neuropsychologist, I knew that I wanted to root my new career in proven scientific fact, as well as personal lived experience.


I became a wellness entrepreneur. And I absolutely love it – helping women to shift mentally and physically into a healthier space, to show up bigger and bolder in the world, to feel energised instead of exhausted, strong instead of stressed.


I feel humble and grateful to be doing this work – and so excited to know that for me, as well as for the women I help, the best is yet to come!



Menopause is challenging, disruptive, confusing, debilitating. But I know first-hand that it can also be uplifting, empowering, invigorating – and the most freeing experience of your life.

I’ll empower you with facts, strategies, tools and support. To restore your body, reignite your mind, revitalise your spirit, and help you to become the best possible version of yourself.

Becoming more than you’ve ever been before.

Become More of a Phenomenal Woman


  • MPH – Yale University, School of Public Health, CT
  • BA Psychology – East Carolina University, NC
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach – Institute for Integrated Nutrition, NY
  • Certified: Health & Transformational Coaching– BAHC Institute, CA
  • Certified NLP Practitioner – NLP Institute, NY
  • Heart Math Practitioner – Heart Math Institute, CA
  • DEA Neuropsychology – Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, Paris, France
  • Trained in the Hormone Cure Gottfried Protocol – by Dr. Sara Gottfried

What’s your menopausal mood?

Discover your menopausal personality type – and start getting the help you need.

Take Charge


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How do I find my joy again?


What to do to help myself?


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