Do you feel tired, hot, overwhelmed it could be menopause?

A recent client came to her session crying. She said: I’m tired!!! 

I’m tired of working (36 years with the same company). I’m tired of being married (28 years with the same man).  I’m tired of being a mom (2 daughters & a son  between 27 & 18) that are all totally high maintenance.  I’m tired of being a good daughter (mom 85, super healthy, but won’t listen and always needs rescuing from herself). I’m tired of being a good neighbor and friend.  I’m tired of the crap that people are believing that keeps us stuck in the past. I’m tired of being polite and I’m tired of being overweight ( I have been on a diet for 35 years).  I’m really tired. 

Does any of this sound like you?  Can you relate?

If you resonate at all with this client’s tiredness, and you are feeling it yourself.  

Right now, wherever you are, stop, take a deep breath, tense your shoulders and then just let it all go, exhale, and allow your body to ease into a posture of relaxation.  

You are beautiful and wonderful and have permission to just let it go. I give you permission to just feel the way you feel right now and let go of the blaming, and shaming of yourself. Just let it go, let it go, let it go.

Women are hardest on themselves

For some of us women, it’s the hardest thing in life, to just take the easy way out and be all about self!  People call us names, like selfish, a bi…ch, stuck-up, narcissistic more.  

Then enter your 40s and without warning really, your body starts to feel and act differently.  It feels like everything has a mind of its own, and you are taken on a wild ride that feels like being hit by a Mack truck rolling down a steep hill with no brakes. Most of us have no ideal or even an inkling that its our hormones and the beginning of the “change” or “transition” that comes with aging called menopause 

And, when you go to the doctor, you hear the word, menopause, hormones, you’ll be fine, just take this pill, or use this cream or get a hobby. It will pass.

You wonder will it go away? And yes, please “I want a pill to make it just pass.:” “Pretty please!” If only it could…

How to stop making all the wrong moves? 

Trying to make yourself hurry up and feel normal during the natural  peri+menopause transition is what makes it all worse.

When I first got hit with some major hotflashes, headaches, weight gain, low energy, poor sleep, and brain fog, I was living my best life in the big apple (NYC). 

I thought I had a major brain tumor because the headaches were so bad.  And no doctor could tell me what was happening despite the tests. Until they said oh, by the way it’s just menopause. 

 “Is it a disease I asked.”  

They treated it like one, even though menopause is a natural stage of a woman’s life that means her hormones are slowing down.  And our ability to have a child is ending. 

 And now as I look back.  I made all the wrong moves.  I followed their logic. 

I was dieting at the time to fit into my skinny jeans and bikini and had just entered my glorious 40s.  I was eating too little and exercising way too much.  And taking their hormones and pills and creams.  But nothing really made me feel good or, like me again. 

I was burning the candle at both ends, and still, I didn’t recognize the signs.  My mama never told me what was going to happen. Nobody did.  

You have permission: 

Fast forward and now today, I know better. And I know what works, what doesn’t and what needs to change. 

I’m living my best life, honestly.  Designing an on purpose life that fits me, my new rhtym, and enjoying the transition so much more.  That’s what I want for you. 

I founded an amazing holistic nutrition and wellness practice, where I help women who enter their 40s and have no ideal what is about to happen.  They are struggling through the pain, confusion and frustration of the peri+menopause transition.  I guide and equip them to go  from struggling and surviving to thriving so they can get back to the business of  looking good, feeling good & enjoying their best life! 

So, my dearest one.  Here is the truth. 

You are courageous and beautiful already.  Even if, you don’t see it or feel like it. Or for that matter never ever felt it. 

I give you permission to step back and let go of what everyone else may want you to think, do and feel right now.  And take some moments, days, weeks, whatever you need, unapologetically just for you. 

Know that what’s happening to you is not your fault.  And it’s not the end.  The best is yet to come!

Feel like you can’t do this alone?  Guess what you don’t have too!. Connect with me & women at various stages of menopause in our Joy of Menopause Facebook group.   Where I pour love support and curated resources into your life.  I can’t wait to see you there.

PS:  Can you do me a huge favor:  Forward this to a friend who may be feeling down about where she is right now and needs to know she isn’t alone.

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