Do you have any of these symptoms?

Check all that apply:

  • I am worn out most days
  • I experience hot flushes
  • I experience night sweats
  • When I sneeze I have bladder leakage
  • I feel like my brain doesn’t work like it used too – everything takes more time
  • I frequently feel panicked or anxious
  • I have excess weight – (belly, hip, thighs, etc…)
  • I have vaginal dryness or burning
  • I feel like I have frequent yeast infections
  • My period doesn’t come regularly anymore
  • I haven’t had a period in 12 consecutive months
  • I struggle to lose weight
  • I’m not sleeping good at all
  • My sex drive is in the tank

Analyze your results: 

The above list includes some of the sign’s women experience during the peri+menopause transition.  While peri+menopause is natural and starts on average in your 40’s – 52, the symptoms which come with it are not.  

It doesn’t mean you have to suffer or tolerate the symptoms in silence and do this part of your life as a woman alone. Especially if these symptoms are interfering with your health and happiness.

If you checked:  

  • 1-2 boxes:  you have very few symptoms of menopause transition.  However, you should take steps to begin to balance your hormones now.  It’s better to prevent than treat. 
  • 3-5 boxes: You have some symptoms of menopause transition.  It’s time to make some changes
  • 6+ boxes: You have numerous signs of menopause that are affecting the quality of your life. Make an appointment with your doctor, ask for a full sex hormone panel, including stress and thyroid hormones.  

NOTE:  This quiz is not intended to diagnose or treat menopause.  It is intended to raise awareness of how menopause symptoms may be affecting the quality of your life.  If you have concerns about hormone health, speak with your primary care practitioner.  

How to get a handle on your menopause transition and start loving your hormones?
Do you need help? You don’t have to go it alone.  I started my nutrition and health coaching practice to help women who are struggling with the pain, frustration and confusion of the peri+menopause onslaught.  If you want a more in-depth look at your menopause mood, go to and take our menopause mood quiz.  You will get a report to  download detailing where you are and what you can expect and what to do next. We can’t wait to support you.

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