5 Signs You May Be Headed For Menopause

Balance is the key to living a happy life. Along with other good health practices, it is essential to maintain hormonal balance in the body otherwise your organs won’t function properly. When a woman starts menopause, it may not be obvious that she is actually undergoing menopause, because there is a transition phase, called perimenopause. This is when the hormones begin to become erratic and out of balance. But like most women living in a very busy world, you may overlook these changes and attribute them to the general stresses of life.

Many factors indicate the misbalance of these chemical messengers in the body. The following are the most prominent and commonly occurring indicators that your hormones may be out of sync and that you may need to consult a health therapist for further advice. 

These indicators include:

Constant Fatigue and Exhaustion 

The most prominent indication of an imbalance of hormones is that you feel low and tired all the time. When there is an abnormal release of cortisol along with other adrenal hormones in the body, you feel stressed. Besides that, you may feel sad and extremely drained even when you do nothing. Thus, if you often have a foggy head, low mood, and extreme depression, your body might have a hormonal imbalance which is a sign it’s time to get a check-up.

Intense Cravings 

We all have cravings now and again, especially for sugar and other sweet things.  But the imbalanced hormonal state increases your cravings for different sugary food items more regularly. Studies have shown that an increased level of insulin or a high concentration of cortisol in the body can enhance your craving for sugar and wine, for example.

Weight Gain 

In addition to your intake of food and exercise, your hormones also have a significant role in determining your body weight because they impact the metabolic rate. If your hormones are out of balance, you will have difficulty in shedding extra body weight despite all your efforts exercising and dieting. This can often occur in your late 30s and early 40s and is a sign that you may be entering menopause. Hence, there is not much point in doing heavy exercise and extreme dieting if your hormones are out of balance.

Reduced Sex Drive 

In women, the libido or sex drive is controlled by the level of estrogen in the body. If you find that your normal desire for sex is decreasing, it could be that your estrogen level is below the optimum level, which can impact your sex drive negatively. Also, it is common during perimenopause that symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats increase, so you may find that you are sweating more during sex than usual, which can also be a sign that your hormones are out of balance. Similarly, in the case of men, lack of testosterone can result in a reduced sex drive.

Mood Swings 

The majority of women experience mood swings before menses, known as PMS, but these symptoms can also be a sign of hormonal imbalance. For example, if you have a healthy lifestyle but still experience mood swings regularly and at an increasing rate, it could indicate that your hormones are out of balance. Remember that unpredictable and severe mood swings also suggest that your hormonal levels need to be checked.

Final Word: 

Hormones control numerous functions in our body. If one or more of these release in excess, they can impact the smooth functioning of multiple systems in the body, which is what happens during menopause. Similarly, if there is an underproduction of any one or more hormones, your body will experience some unpleasant symptoms as well. If you have any of the signs described above or several, consult a health professional to get a better understanding of how your hormones are doing. 

If you’ve already seen a physician or health care practitioner and have been confirmed as menopausal and are looking for advice and support on your journey, then look no further. 

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